Sunday, February 25, 2007

If You Want Your Story To Be Herd...


If You would like your "Zune Story" to be herd you can E-mail me at . You can tell me your story and I will say who its from (it's optional), and your story. So feel free to E-mail me about anything "Zune And Blog Related".

Other Zune Web-Sites, Plus Some Wallpapers!

First off I am going to post some of the "Zune Web-Sites" I like the most.

Web-Sites: (This one Has one of the best "Zune Forums" out there!) (This one Has great Information!) (I think this is "The Official Zune Web-Site".)

Here are some Wallpaper and Case Links.: (This has great Wallpapers! Some are scary though...) (If you REALLY want to Protect your "Zune" check out these "Cases From Speck"! Especcialy "The ToughSkin One" Im wating for mine to come in!) ( Is Great For Things Like This!)

More Links coming soon, I am looking for "Wallpapers" so stay Tuned!

"Welcome To The Social"!

Hello and welcome to my new Blog!

This is a Blog about "Microsoft's Digital Media Player: Zune".
I first had a "Sony NW-HD5", now I have a beutiful "Zune"! It's Black and I use it alot! I will upload Pictures, Wallpapers, and just information and stories about "The Zune". Since this is just The First Post there will be many more!

So even if you dont have a "Zune" you can read about and maybe even get information here. I will try my best to Update The Blog as much as I can so keep checking back!